Brain Aneurysm, AVM – Young Stroke Support Group

Brain Aneurysm, AVM – Young Stroke Support Group
Monthly Support Group
February 14, 2019

Do you know why support groups are so important? You surround yourself with people who truly understand and can relate to your experience and your challenges. There is no judgement when you share, cry and feel your weakest. People share resources and their anger and their joy. In addition, everyone is cheered for the small progess you are making. Baby steps are noticed and you are not pushed beyond your current ability but you are ENCOURAGED to try and have HOPE and to KEEP the FAITH and to NEVER GIVE UP. You are INSPIRED.

Survivors, Thrivers, Caregivers, Family and Friends supporting recovery come together to create new experiences, adventures and avenues to encourage recovery and share resources and experiences. It’s a pot luck. Feel free to bring something to share (totally optional).

This is event is held at a place where everyone is treated like someone.
Register at this link – Brain Aneurysm, AVM, Young Stroke Support Group

First Congregational Church
3409 Brookside Road
Stockton, CA 95219